Amanda aksel

(multi-published author,
copyediting services)

“Ursula @ Owl Pro Editing has been a godsend. I fell in love with her as an editor after the first proofread. Since then, she’s copyedited my recent titles and has quickly become my go-to editor.


She demonstrates a high level of professionalism and earned my trust very quickly, which is so important in this business.


Ursula has a fantastic eye and catches the smallest errors. She’s fast and thorough.


I love that she keeps a style sheet just for my particular writing and editing preferences.


I would recommend her to any author.”

david unger, pHd

(multi-published author,
copyediting/proofreading services)

“Ursula  @ Owl Pro Editing has a gentle, honest way about her.


She catches all the little things, makes suggestions when something could be improved, I’ve used a word/phrase too often, or she finds something else that needs attention.


She is easy to work with, extremely reliable, responsible, and reasonable.


I think you will enjoy and value working with her.

jerry cole

(multi-published author,
proofreading services)

“Ursula @ Owl Pro Editing has assisted me with proofreading on multiple stories.


She does so in a timely manner and her suggested revisions are easy to understand.


I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her services to other authors.”

Gerald W. welch

(unpublished, new author,
copyediting services)

“When Ursula @ Owl Pro Editing completed her work on my first novel, which had a lengthy, Joseph Conrad-like style, and gave it back to me, I was barely able to contain myself for having done such a brilliant job as a fiction writer.


I make no claims about handling constructive criticism any better than the average person, but Ursula beautifully edited the cheesy, overreaching portions of my writing, as well as the palatable. Clearly, this is a testament to Ursula’s enduring patience throughout a lengthy process, and for this I am grateful.


Ursula’s heavy sentence-level and substantive editing, and considerable fact checking, are the life’s blood of my current and future ambitions. Who else will dedicate the time toward fully understanding the distinctive style I prefer? Who else will protect my ego as she applies corrections without adding comments like “What the hell were you thinking here?!”? Who else will be so dependable on projects that take months? 


Broadcasting Ursula’s copyedit services and how her contributions have greatly exceeded my expectations will lead to competition for her copyedit services, but it’s the right thing to do, and I can’t keep her all to myself.”